Werner Janssenswillen

Born on 3rd December 1967 in Neerpelt, Belgium.


Ever since he was a child, he had a great passion for the accordion.


At the age of 7, Werner learnt to play the drums, but that wasn’t his cup of tea.


His brother Jos, who was a member of an accordion club in Boechout,

taught him bit by bit how to play the accordion and when he was 9 years old,

he could already play several tunes.


Unfortunately, when he was 11, the club came to an end.

But he continued playing at home together with the family.


In 1988 Werner met Roger L. from Tielen and made his first

contact with an audience.

Werner started playing keyboard and began singing as well.

People kept asking over and over again:

“Don’t you have a tape or some CDs?”


Thanks to the people of Amurec he recorded his first

album in 2004. It includes some cover versions of

forgotten songs, which are nevertheless worth while listening to.

For this CD Werner also composed 2 songs with own lyrics.


In 2008 the second album “Herinneringen” (Memories) was released,

produced by Johan de Mayer. It includes a song of Nat King Cole,

to which Werner wrote his own lyrics.


There are plans for a third album.